Supernatural Suppers:

An Icelandic Ghost Story

Photo by Paul Hoi,

Photo by Paul Hoi,


A Very Special Halloween Episode by The Feast!

Dead chefs tell no tales! Except on Halloween, that is. This week, we're bringing you the story of a ghostly banquet straight from the sagas of medieval Iceland. A mix of fact and fiction, sagas provide some of the only clues we have about early Icelandic cooking. Today, the island's cuisine may be famous for its fermented shark and its luscious skyr, but we'll learn what was on the menu 1,000 years ago when a dead woman decided to play chef for the night. Find out what happens when you eat the food of the dead and what to do when ghosts show up for their own funeral feast. It's a very eerie Halloween special of The Feast!

Written & Produced by Laura Carlson

Technical Direction by Mike Portt

Music by: 

Becerra-Schmidt, "Cuarto Cuarteto Para Cuerdas" performed by the Philadelphia String Quartet (Becerra-Schmidt: Cuarto Cuarteto Para Cuerdas by Philadelphia String Quartet is licensed under a Attribution-ShareAlike License)

Maciej Żołnowski, "Kwartet Japonski I/II" (Kwartet Japonski I + II by Maciej Żołnowski is licensed under a Attribution License.)

Songs of Norway, "Leopard Hairs" (Leopard Hairs by Songs Of Norway is licensed under a Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.)

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