The Gods Must Be Hungry:

Divine Food Stories from Eaten Magazine

From medieval butter towers to prehistoric bee-keepers, this week we're examining the divine associations with global foods with Emelyn Rude, editor of the new food history magazine Eaten. Join us as she gives us a sneak peak of "The Food of the Gods", the first volume of the magazine, available now! We'll learn how mortals and immortals have been making, sharing, and fighting over food since the birth of humanity itself. Learn what foods can keep the gods on your side, from ancient Roman honey cakes to barbarian head dumplings. You don't want to miss this global tour of foods from the heavens! 

Written and Produced by Laura Carlson

Technical Direction by Mike Portt

Special Guest: Emelyn Rude, Editor of Eaten Magazine


Emelyn Rude is the author of Tastes Like Chicken: a History of America's Favorite Bird (Pegasus 2016) and the editor of Eaten Magazine. She holds a bachelors in Social Studies from Harvard University and (soon) an MPhil in Economic and Social History from the University of Cambridge. In her free time, she is also a beekeeper and a National Geographic Explorer. 

EATEN is a new, beautifully designed print magazine focused on everything food history. Every quarter we publish a new volume filled with a cornucopia of old recipes, enlightening gastronomic essays, and the fascinating and forgotten tales of the people who have grown, cooked, and enjoyed all things edible over the centuries.

From the transnational saga of a Chinese river god's dumplings to the revival of monastic brewing traditions in France, EATEN volume 1 explores the intersection of the delicious and the divine in food history.

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