Ernest Shackleton’s Pantry

Ernest Shackleton's Pantry.jpg

This week, we’re heading to the ends of the earth with legendary British explorer, Ernest Shackleton. Responsible for many expeditions to Antartica, Shackleton is known for his incredible leadership during some of the toughest and most extreme conditions on the planet. This week, we focus on his 1907 Nimrod Expedition to reach the South Pole. What do eating rations look like for a trip to the South Pole? How do you plan for two years in the ice and snow? And where do you stash the whiskey?

We look at expedition rations in the early 20th century and what explorers ate before the advent of energy bars and protein powder. We’ll also dig up Shackleton’s secret storage of whiskey, buried for a hundred years under the snow. Just don’t ask us if we want our Scotch served over ice.

Written and produced by Laura Carlson

Canine Care and Shackleton Snifters by Mike Portt

A huge thank you to Steve Castellano, Toronto writer, musician, and certified Wine Specialist, as well as our resident Shackleton and whiskey expert

Additional thanks to Lynne Provencher and Greg de St. Maurice as willing and able historical whiskey tasters

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